A downloadable game for Windows

Lets put this up front.

This game is a proof of concept.

We had a set amount of time to create a game. There's a lot more we want to do, but we want to spend more time on it.  Thankfully the jam gave us an excuse to make a starting point.  

I personally apologize for the lack of spoops.

This is more of a virtual space, more will be added.

Models and Texture-help by Ellistron "The Ball-Clown"

Ellistron's Website For his Feature film: "Recs"


Story and Programming by Azzy "The PumpQueen"


A special thanks to Milo-Radio for script-help!


Version Alpha

Her Room


LightScape.zip 37 MB


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Dear diary - 

I think my life is falling apart. Cans and boxes litter the expanse of my spacious room. Nobody wants to go to my Halloween party, so I've just been browsing the Space Jam website for the past few hours. I don't know what time it is; I'm so tired. I just want to pass out but the pictures of skeletons on the wall scare me into a certain state of alertness...and worst of all, I think I keep hearing clowns. 


Well, that's joyful.