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This was a nice little romp through a different perspective, thanks so much for making it! Sorry I was a little late to the party, but I made you a Lumps Play. 

Pop-up commentary! Give it a shot:

Thanks again for the game, hope all is well. Cheers! 🍻

I'll be honest. Not where I thought this game was going, but I fully understand the message and give my full support

Really powerful message and an interesting way to tell it! Loved how this game played out. Really opens up your view for people who haven't gone through something like this to understand what its like. 


I know it's not the most polished game, but that kinda adds to its charm yknow?  One of the very few games I will ever play more than once honestly.  The core of the game is so powerful, ill be honest, I did cry when playing it.  Unbelievably good for your first game, keep up the good work.


Hello! Before I say that your game is awsome I want to say that this was increadibly well done.  In games such as these it is very difficult to transfer feelings to the player, but with this, you made me not only feel those feelings but also made me very aware about the character and also made me invested in her story. It is very difficult to do that so much to say to do it, and do it so well, in your first game! I really enjoyed playing this game and while it was short, I enjoyed it fully! I honestly can't wait for more and wish you luck in the future! 


It's hard to believe that this should be your first game: The basic concept is just fantastic. You allow players at their own pace to meet Azzy with all her strengths and insecurities. This game is so gentle and open in a wonderful way. I love that very much. <3 It always takes a certain amount of courage to create such a personal game and to publish it, so I have to congratulate you! <3 I could not help but write a little recommendation article about your game and upload a playthrough for one of the endings. I hope more people will try it out that way and get to know Azzy a bit better. :)

Best wishes,


This is a really fantastic game. It's short, and quiet and a little rough around the edges - but that's part of it. Take a moment out of your day. put on some headphones, and play. I can't promise you'll love it, But I can promise that it'll make you think. 

I love this game.


I think this game has a great and, important message to it. It is a shame that there are some bugs I encountered in my play through. I did think the excessive use of doors was too much i'm sure this was done so the rooms didn't look empty and, huge.

This game made me get into deep thinking as well as look at the game with a very open eye. Over all I enjoyed this game a lot. 


First things first. You can't rename the data file or the game just won't work. Easy to fix tho. The game was pretty if what a little empty of assets but played well and ran smoothly. Best part of the game was the voice acting which brought the rest of the game to life. A cool little game. Well done to all involved... :)

Thank you so much for playing!

I fixed the filename issue so that should be solved.

I really appreciate this video so much, This really motivates me to make something even better.

I feel bad for not having the credits transition back to the menu.

Have a great day!